Feel better, one healthy step at a time

This is an extraordinary positive prevention approach to achieve long-term good health. I’m extremely grateful for this experience. I’m treated with respect and as a priority no matter how many clients they serve. Because I have such great relationships with my care team, they will continue to help and support me after the program transition, if needed. I feel this cutting-edge approach to healthcare is visionary and will shift the paradigm for other healthcare providers to follow its success.

Michelle Harper, Retired
Portland Parks & Recreation

What you can expect

It all starts with thinking and talking about how you want to live your life. You get to define your goals, and Healthy Foundations helps you through the process, step by step. I’ve received positive and encouraging help articulating what I want and taking steps in the right direction. I found a way to think about food and what I want that motivates me and makes planning meals and cooking fun and satisfying. And I’ve lost some weight, too.

Tom Carter, City Planner
Water Bureau

Meet your care team

I’m impressed with the quality of care I’m receiving from Joel, Sue, Chrissy, Elizabeth and Sara. This team has had a significant impact on how I deal with my health issues now, and how I can improve in the future.

Rex Price
Police Bureau


Frequently asked questions

How much time does it take for me to participate?
We meet weekly usually for an hour or less. This can change depending on your schedule and what we are working on together.
What do we actually DO together?
It depends on you. We sit and talk at first, but then we like to do things to keep it fun and interesting. We’ve taken walks with people, cooked together, gone shopping, attended their doctor’s visits, attended church, and even gone dragon boating together. If we can support you on your path to wellness, we’ll do it!
This program seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?
There’s no catch. The program benefits you, the City of Portland and the whole community. To the City of Portland, it’s about doing the right thing. It just makes sense that being your best will increase your quality of life and can reduce medical issues down the road.
How was I selected?
In the initial stages of the program, Moda Health used a variety of tools to determine who might benefit from the support offered by Healthy Foundations. Data analysis was used to help find individuals who had been diagnosed with chronic conditions. These days, it is more a combination of word-of-mouth, presentations and data analysis.
Can I still see my same doctors and other healthcare providers?
Yes. We work with your healthcare team and give you the tools you need to be successful. We do not replace providers or care you already receive. We offer an additional layer of support. If you don’t have a provider that you like, the Healthy Foundations team can work with you to select a new provider, but the program is intended to work with you and your provider to build that relationship moving forward.
Do you use a specific diet or exercise program?
No. We tailor eating and movement plans to meet your needs and personal preference.
Will my information be shared with the City of Portland or anyone else?
Never. Your identity is not shared with the City of Portland. This program is compliant with the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that safeguards all personal and medical information.
Why is Moda Health doing this?
The City of Portland approached Moda Health, its insurance administrator, to create this innovative program to support employees with chronic health conditions. Now individuals wanting to achieve better health and wellness have a team dedicated to their success.
What’s in it for Moda Health and the City of Portland?
By supporting your participation within this program, the City hopes to provide you the motivation and tools that empower you as an individual to live your best life. If you do that, the City and community are rewarded, too. Moda Health proudly supports the City’s work by devoting experienced health and wellness staff and ensuring that Healthy Foundations runs smoothly.
Do you work with families?
Definitely. We know that any healthy changes you make effect everyone around you. If you choose, we also can work with the people who are most important in your life.
Can I refer others to Healthy Foundations?
Yes, please do. Word of mouth and referrals help us find out who is ready to improve their health and wellness. Feel free to share our website address or have folks contact us directly to learn more.
How long do I stay on the program?
As long as you need to feel empowered and see results. The average duration is nine to 12 months, but because the program is tailored to your personal needs, the time frame is up to you and your care team.
Are there any financial benefits for participating in the program?
Yes. You may be eligible for enhanced benefits including no copays or coinsurance for certain services while actively working with your care team.
What if I decide to drop out of the program?
Ninety-eight percent (98%) of our members stick with the program. If you choose to end your participation, the enhanced benefit incentives will stop. Don’t worry, you will never be back-billed for any services you received as a member of the program. We, or course, will respect your decision. If you want our support later, just let us know and we will be ready to connect with you again.

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